Monday, January 31, 2011

I can talk to animals. Well not talk to 'em. I can take commands from them.

  1. I had to work today.  I was in a customers house working on their pool table .  The guy smoked non stop while I was there.  He asked me if I smoked, possibly to gauge whether or not I would like one. As it turned out he cared not for me and continued to light 'em up.  Then his smokey buddy came over and joined him.  I think I have cancer.  Or something.

B) Went to my good friend David Atkinson's (The David Atkinson) today as well.  David rides a souped up Team Machine and has a Look KX Light.  He also paints really cool  things.  He is one of my coolest friends.  Who is also a little odd, maybe a bit crazy, but always in a pretty reasonable , easy to understand and agree with sort of way.    I hope he gets his website up soon displaying all the wicked paintings he makes of all things PRO cycling.   I also eat some weird food when I am there.  Sometimes delicious, always healthful.  Today was no different.  Some sort of seaweed wrap containing shredded carrot, shredded beet, and sliced peppers .  All to be dipped liberally in an expensive organic soy sauce.  As C. Montgomery Burns once said- "I know what I hate, and I don't hate this."  But I wouldn't go as far as to make it myself.  Some variation with less beet, more rice, and a sliver of Habanero instead of regular pepper would set my soul nicely ablaze.

I got my training schedule for the next week from my coaching department today.  Holy shit, what am training for the Giro?  Oh yeah, Provincials, Nationals, Worlds.  And then Crank the Shield.  Boom!  she says.

Gotta make sure I get some new race videos for the week. I've never seen 2010 Ghent-Wevelgem.

I need some more pineapple.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have told you never to call me after 11:00................or before.

Today seemed like a normal enough day.  Talked with MB in the am.  Had Breakfast with Maximillian, then cleaned up all that he didn't eat.  Took him to day care.  I was later told about how the sport of curling can actually be dangerous.  Who would have thought?  It seems so slow paced.  But I guess when you have on shoes and are sliding around on ice you can wipe out and split your skull open. The stench of burning death is everywhere.  While surfing last night I came across the details of a mass serial killing in the Ukraine a few years a go whereby the killers video taped all the killings and leaked some of them to the net.  They used hammers, screwdrivers , steel pipes, and various tools and knives.  They marvel at their work and then wash the selves off and get back to life.  How screwy is that?  I guess if you want to see these absolutely insane , cruel killings you can search 3  Men 1 Hammer.  Apparently a play on the 2 girls 1 cup Internet sensation.  I have seen the latter, I don't recommend it but I would never watch the former.  Murder just doesn't have the appeal it had when I was 16.  Not that eating poop does it for me either.....I think I watched it out of equal parts mental retardation and bizarre curiosity.  ,

I did all my intervals downstairs today, by lunch as well. Hated it.  I think if you find a time of day to work out that you like.  Stick with it.  Found it really hard to finish my second hard effort.  But the 3:00 nap time was a piece of cake.

Rode the Mid Week crit course as well tonight for 75 minutes.  I rode at a fast pace the whole time.  Evenings really are my preferred time of day.  Met up later with the rest of the team (except Marc and Demetre) for tea/Hot Choc and laughs.  We are going to have smoking teams in both Master 1 and 2.  

Marc and I are racing in Florida in March.  Hoping to lay down the (Canadian) law with our well rested legs, as well as our utmost appreciation for the warm climate,  dwindling American Charter of Rights, and basically their Governmental corruption  as a whole.   Isn't Florida the state that sold George .W his second term? 

Not a lot of salt and crap today to clean up,
and yeah, that's a Merckx print.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm sorry I'm four hours late but my alarm clock didn't go off because it died in a cock fight last night.

the summit of MT Washington , NH
MT Battie, ME.  Overlooking Penobscot Bay

                                                           Some cool  hill in Camden Maine
                                                          The view from our room in Camden

Not even sure where this is or who took it
Mt. Battie

Marc atop MT Brushie, NC

Mike, Ronnie, Juan, me at the 24hrs, Albion Hills, Bolton

If I were a real werewolf I'd wear baggy clothes so my nice clothes wouldn't get all torn up.

Oh man , I went to the U of T yesterday with MB, it was a good workout. Normally I don't enjoy squats but I guess when your chiropractor is spotting you, you are as safe as possible.  We also ran a bit and did circuits. I ran. Oh I ran . The only way I knew how- by placing one leg in front of another in rapid succession. Then today I had to relocate a 12' snooker table.  They weigh around 3200lbs.  That was an even tougher workout.  It destroys your whole body not just your quads.  And there are way fewer really hot 20 yr old girls around .

 This week I have been riding like a crazy maniac.  Last week I was more of a sane maniac.  I think my teammates Marco, Stan and Krys are mental patients for riding and motor pacing on Thursday in the snow when it was around -6 degrees.  Not me.  I get a better workout when I sweat my nuts off rather than when I freeze my wiener off.

Tonight I am putting the monkey-boy to bed early and then I don't have to start riding at 9:00.  I am thinking 1hr in the small ring as my legs feel like I was just kickboxing with Mirko.  So that means ignore the heart rate tonight as well.

I have a new 'ride hard' motivational song I like.  I put it on repeat and pretend I am in a video and my awesome Hardman power is being broadcast to the world alongside a totally heavy tune.

Rock it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Live every week like it's SHARK WEEK! and dress every day like you're going to get murdered in those clothes!

Wow.  What a ride.  I may have to do another one tonight.  I am going to head out to HMV and try to locate a cd I don't have.....  I was listening to one of my favorite tunes on youtube while I was spinning today, and it was like I was riding  on clouds.  Or like I had a hurricane force tailwind.  Or I was on some performance enhancing LSD.Or just ......LSD.  Regardless, that was my best indoor ride ever.  My endorphins are going crazy.  I just ate a fantastic homemade pasta sauce with really strong parm over noodles and chased it all with a Belgian bier.  I sort of feel like I am sitting in a downtown nightclub waiting for the warm fuzz to envelope me as the bass pounds through my chest.
Rides like that are what stick with you , and make you want to continue.  I don't know how many times I get off my bike and feel 10x better than when I got on.  I guess its not just the ride that counts its the effort put in.  Damn this stupid sport and its spandex shorts and shaven legs and $10,000 bikes.  Damn you all to hell!!!!!!
Hold fast
Hold On
Nothing is a dream, yet in
Changing faster
It never seems to be here long
Move On
Turn around
Just can't seem to find it, try and
Reach out
Hold out
I cannot touch the wind
I touch you

Reach out
Hold on
Nothing here is real, yet in
Searching farther
It almost seems to live until it
Moves on
Turns around
Just can't seem to lose it, try and
Hold fast
Hold on
I cannot ride the wind
I ride you

Hold fast
Hold on
Nothing is a dream until you
Wake up
Cry out
Now it isn't real, now you
Hold fast - Nothing is a dream
Hold on - Just can't lose it now
Move on - Turning round and round
Wake up - You cannot ride the wind.

By the way we have a tradition in my family where we let the child name itself. ABSOLUTLY NOT. Well suit yourself, but my son Spiderman turned out just fine.

This week has been so cold and snowy.  I seem to remember last year at this time going riding in Milton for a several hours and the temperature was fantastic.

Yesterday I got up early and put on the "A Sunday in Hell" DVD and set up my bike.  I rode only for an hour but it was pretty intense.  Again my stupid heartrate monitor isn't working so I had to wing it, which feels pretty bang on anyways.  Why do I even have a computer on my bike? They only ever do half what they are supposed to do at any given time.  

Looks like Kurzawinski is going to have one hell of a Masters team this year.  Our M1 team is going to be a powerhouse .  Actually I think our M2 team is going to dominate as well.  I can't wait to get down to South Carolina for training camp.  I think 2 other friends are coming with us as well.  So there will be some fantastic pictures for the blog.  Not sure which bike to bring.  

Now to see if I can wear out this tire on the trainer while I warm up and watch the rest of Sunday in Hell.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I take the Lord's name in vain often, and with great relish.

This past season was a good one for me.  After Marc and I returned from riding in North Carolina I wrote out a list of goals that I would like to achieve in the upcoming race season.  Looking at them now, I surpassed all of them.  One might say that my goals were too easily attained and that's why I did so well.  But I don't think so. I went from not being able to finish a Tuesday night race with the pack to , in 4 weeks, winning that race.  I did well in the Kitchener Classic, and got on the podium at the CNE race.  Even did the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice and got a 3'd place.  

The placings don't mean as much though as the confidence I got by hammering it out for 90minutes, or sometimes way longer.  I used to be scared of crashing again.  No longer.  My luck is too good.  Over the top good luck.  This season  I move up a category, and although the competition is tougher I'm not worried.  I am also not worried because I'm not necessarily   going for wins or podiums.  I am going for fun.  By fun I mean, not being pack filler.  Not being the guy who just sits in and joins the break in the last 3kms.  Not being the guy who only  contests the sprint in the last 500m.  I am going to attack lots, again and again.  I am going to make a difference in every race. Whether I win, lose or  land somewhere in the middle, its not as big a concern as  if I stirred up some shit .  The last race I did in 2010 was a wet rainy one and I had a wicked cold.  I knew I wouldn't have a chance.  So I worked for Marc.  I attacked the field on lap 3  (I think).  I looked back and saw everyone looking up.  Some guys thought I was stupid, some didn't know what I was doing, some thought it was a waste.  I only rode away for maybe 2kms, but it felt great.  Better than finishing 15th would have.  Although the attack didn't work as planned, it caused a large break that got my friend Stan a second placing.  It felt as good as any podium.  And when I perfect my craft this season, I will be a happier man.  They will  all call Doyle The Leprechaun.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Obesity is killing the African/American community...............with laughter!

Holy crap its cold outside.  I didn't even try to ride outside today.  My pal Juan and I rode a few weeks ago and it was -4 degrees and that was a test.  My  points at issue with riding in the cold is that the cold forces you to go faster  to get the heart rate up and get the blood circulating, but the increased wind chill factor seems to nullify the warm fire you're building.  So I guess the trick is just to ride as hard as you can and then get home before your toes turn black and fall off .  -4 seems to be my ceiling for balls out fast riding.  I have ridden in worse conditions where the weather was warmer.  The Chiropractors and I did the Donut ride early December and after about 25kms it started snowing pretty hard and it was turning quickly slush. That was the most pain I have been in while riding.  My legs felt like I had just finished an interrogation in a Viet Cong camp.  I rode tonight for just over an hour.  I tried to simulate my intervals tonight as my heart rate monitor stopped working again.

I can't wait to start hitting the 14 km climbs of South Carolina in March.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Earth is the 3'd best planet in the Universe

I witnessed a dying infant this week.  I saw a mother climb into an ambulance on an impossible mission.  I heard a woman accused of murder tell me how sorry she was.  I hear both the nicest and the angriest things any person can say.  I was also lucky enough to drive home and find my little boy asleep in bed. Safe.

I also found some catharsis in polishing my bikes, and then riding one of them.  I read somewhere that the serious cyclist finds the time spent on a bike vaccination against all the stress of life.  Man, did I need a shot this week.

We had some beers (Leffe Blonde, Orval Trappist) at my friend Marc's house last night.  I always leave that place smarter and more enlightened than when I arrived  even though we ate expensive X-mas cookies, drank beer, and watched Dodgeball.   That movie is always good.  Vince Vaughn is king.

I did a good 1hr spin today after work.  I re clothed that 12' snooker table at the Crooked Cue.  That place has such kick ass food.  All the people there are cool, and they stock Duvel.  Although sadly, not on tap.  I didn't sweat so much today riding and it was hard to keep my heart rate up where I wanted it.   Maybe I have to stop working on Sunday mornings before I ride.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I stuck a thumbtack in my neck.......just so I can feel ...something.......

On this the 5th of January 2011 my day was anything but uneventful. I had to build a pool table for a gentleman who was really difficult.  His poor English was eclipsed only by his unbelievably bad breath.  I had to call him on it, as it was obvious to him he was pushing my away  like an August  wind  blowing over a garbage dump.  He didn't have my money and at the same time wanted me to perform twice the work we had agreed to.  All because he screwed up.  I did, in fact, snap.  Just not his neck.  Then when I went to pick up Maxy, one of the children at the daycare appeared to be dead, or at least comatose.  And no one had the good sense to call 911.  For the love of God!!!!!! What are people doing ?!?!?!?

I did my number 1 training ride tonight.  Its my hard one.  I sweat like a pig , when I normally am not a sweaty guy.  Also watched 2  episodes of 30Rock.  Best show ever.  I try to watch the show and take in every nuance of Alec Baldwin's ever-underrated acting but my focus always switches to racing and picturing the attacks, breakaways, and long pulls .   Man, racing is even more addictive than BJJ.  I can't stop thinking about it.

I am looking forward to racing with the new team this March\April in the States and am hoping to come out like a Greyhound on crack at the Good Friday road race.  Much more on that as it evolves.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I met my birth parents over the holidays, but did you care????

Ok, here I am with my first blog.  I bet it wasn't even 2 years ago I didn't even know what a blog was or did.  Now I know the shit out of what blogs are.  I imagine my writing will get pretty monotonous to most of the people I direct read this, but most shouldn't worry I won't be grilling anyone on whether or not they have been reading.

I woke up today and fed Maximilian and dropped him off at daycare.  He cried for a minute as he normally does.  I am told he stops after 2 minutes.  I got to my first job, which was re-levelling a 12' snooker table at a local pub, the Crooked Cue.  Possibly the coolest pub in Mississauga.  They have awesome food and even more awesome beers  like Leffe Brun, Duvel, Fruli, and such and such.  As it turned out my trip produced little fruit as the cooks who were supposed to let me in at 9:00am never showed up.  So I went home and got on my bike .


I rode for around an hour today with 15 minutes of that being a fast but easy spin.  Then I got to business with the business.  I may occasionally detail some of my training rides. Regardless, today was good.  I was soaked.  I watched 2 full episodes of season 4 30Rock.  Although I don't have the energy to laugh much.