Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As it was, as it soon shall be

I picked out my new bike today. Pinarello Prince.  It should be ready on Friday.  All except for the wheels.  I already have a smokin' fast Crit bike so I am going to sort of make this be more of a climbing road race bike.  Good for the Qualifiers as well as the hilly Nationals.

I have already have owned a few Pinarello's.  A steel Montello and a couple of Aluminum/Carbon ones.  Fantastic handling.  Matt DeCanios favorite bike. Juan Antonio got a Roubaix  podium spot on a Prince in 2005 I think.  I also think Ulrich won the 97 Tour on one.  Also Eric Zabel has a pile of notable wins aboard a Pinarello Prince.  I wish I had some good pics of my Orange Prince.  Full Record, with Cinelli Ram bars.  Those same bars are going on this Prince.  Although I am using Dura Ace 7900 on this build.  Oh well, I hope it impresses.   But I imagine this build will be just under 15lbs.