Monday, February 7, 2011

And then there were three.......

Today is a sad day for me.  I have them sometimes.  I had one about 5 years ago.  I felt I had to sell my Lemond Zurich, with full Dura-Ace for much less than it was worth.  All to ensure that the stupid mortage money was in the bank.  Lousy stupid needing a roof over your shoulders.  Then a few years later I sold my rarely-seen-in -North America Orange Pinarello Prince , also with full Dura Ace.  That time though, it was because I had purchased the bike you see below.  And it totally shredded that beautiful Pinarello to pieces.  Still, I should never have gotten ride of it.   I have a small photo album I keep beside my bed.  In contains pictures of my dogs (RIP boys) , and pictures of all the bikes I have owned.  CRAP!!!!!! I forgot about my steel EDDY MERCKX I gave to Paul Dean at Cycles London.  At least he would give it a good home, unlike that asshead who ruined the Pinarello.   

Why is it that parting with racing bikes is such a difficult endeavor?  I have had girlfriends I would, and have let go much easier than one of my bikes.  Shit, maybe even more so than a set of tires...........but back to my rant.  I have woken up sick thinking about 1 or more of my past bikes and where they might be.  Like a child who has stayed out past curfew, or runs away or something dumb like that.  You think "why did I let it go ???? For the love of god WHY???????"

Anyways, today is another day that I should have thought long and hard about.  As I sold my BMC Team Machine (see above pic again).  Definitely the best bike (or favorite child) I have ever had.  I know its going to a good home and will bring that skinny bastard a lot of fun.  Wait till he descends on that rocket.

All I have left now are the BMC Streetfire, Guerciotti Khaybar HT, and my mountain bike.

Sort of hoping my new bike will look kinda like this.