Saturday, August 13, 2011

Champions of winning superb!!!!

Tomorrow id the last Provincial cup of the season.  It contains a fair sized hill climb that  we need to do 6 times.  It could be worse, But six is still not fun.  On paper I think I should be a stronger climber than I am. I'm hovering around 150lbs right now at 5'8".  I'm still working on it.  Still working on realizing my specific skill set in racing.  Climbing, sprinting, attacking, lead outs? ..........maybe tomorrow will shed new light.

My racing season made a sudden turn about around 5 weeks ago.  With a reasonable result in Cobourg, then 2 top 10 finishes at the Mid Week Crits, and also a pretty good placing at the Provincials.  I just need that streak to continue at a slight improvement through tomorrow.