Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have quite the conundrum..........on this , my 50th blog.....

Many of you thought my blog would never get any attention.  Never see the light of day.  Many of you wags scoffed, and/or threatened to defriend me and read a different blog , well I fixed you.  I FIXED YOU GOOD!!!!!

I came upon a pretty serious problem tonight.  I won't say that I'm ashamed about it, but I am somewhat embarrassed, and rightly so.  What the hell do you do when you have some (always) delicious Belgium biers but are minus the matching brouwerij approved glass?  I don't want to sully the taste by drinking it out of the bottle....I'm not a farmer for christ's sake....but how do I know which glass would best serve a particular beer's wonderous qualities.  Here's drinking to trial and error!!!  (you can't spell terror rial without trial and error)

Tonights ride was maybe 50kms or so.  Pretty good pace.  I felt strong.  If I feel like tonight this Sunday in London we'll be pulling a 1, 2, 3 Mapei podium.

                                                                      Love you too