Friday, March 4, 2011

Pushing the pace

Today is the first day of the Toronto bike show.  I wasn't able to even get there , and I was supposed to be there working.  I had another big job to do that I guess had to take precedence.  I generally hate trade shows, but I have never worked a bike show before*. I hope the fact that I am surrounded by awesome Colnagos, Pinarellos, Cervelos, and BMCs will help wash down the unpleasant aftertaste of a 9 hour work day.

I am going to Marc's place on Monday night to spend some time in his training room and do some power measuring.  We have a number we are shooting for.  I pray  I don't  disappoint.  Currently I am still training with heart rate and by feel.  I am curious to see what kind of wattage I am putting out.

For dinner tonight I tried to duplicate a favorite salad from Terroni.  It's baby arugula, with pan seared crimini mushrooms, hot Genoa salami , with melted parmesean cheese, and then I drip olive oil and vinegar all over it, with some fresh lemon.  Of course, I have to top it off with a glass of Italian red., and a couple of slices of Ciabatta bread.  You are probably thinking "Congratulations!!!! You've ruined that salad , that jerk forgot tomatoes!!!"  Indeed I did.   It was not as good as theirs,  but still pretty good for a master of  Kraft Dinner and beer.

                                                               Yeah, that just happened!

It's 5:20pm now, but after the boy goes to sleep I am going to fire up the engines and rip some cranks off my Pinarello downstairs.  90 minutes.  Hammer time.

*Not true-in 1999 I worked for Party Marty/Black Flys at the Dealers bike show.  Then we spent the night at System Soundbar.  Man, I would die if I tried that kind of party pace again.