Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Mid Week Race of the year.

Just like the leaves changes their colors, and  the nights get dark darker earlier in the evening so too must end the mighty Mid Week Criterium Races.  Sucks, but true.  I think that's a Metallica song.

Not the biggest pack tonight, but still decent.  I would say 65 racers.  No crashes, but a shit load of attacks.

I wish those races went on into the fall and winter, but I guess in a about 6 weeks it'll start getting dark at 4:30pm.  Sucks, but true.  So an evening race would be impossible.

I'm going to give myself a fine bottled gift for being at every Mid Week Race this season.  Crap, I didn't miss one last year either.  Drink on!

Andy wins the final race.
Stan gets a top 10.
I think I got a 12th.
I'm not aware of Camilo or Marco's result.