Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heroic Doses

After eating not 9 but 10 suicide level chicken wings last night and drinking 6 pints of various beer I figured that today I better try to offset that damage  by having something good for me today.  The wings were as deadly hot as they were artery clogging.  Wild Wing has like 200 flavors of wings,  but only a few really hot ones.  The spicy numbers I inhaled were crazy hot, and I normally like really hot.  I administer healthy doses of Franks Extra Hot to almost everything I eat.  But my favorite hot sauce , by far, is Dave's Insanity Sauce.  Although it can also double as paint stripper, chain degreaser or clogged drain clearer. It's so hot but so tasty.  Pretty hard to find as well.   But something in those Wild Wings last night blew my socks off.  I will assume it's my lack of practice with the deep fried delicious little bastards.

Today's birthday supper was a winning design.  Salmon , with arugula and a boconcinni salad with some red vino.  Perfect blend of protein and good stuff for the growing boy.   

I rode the Mid Week crit course today.  It was nice.  The road was dry and had already met with a sweeper.  Of course I was the only one there.  Once I ran in into Rob D'Amico there in the evening.  Other than that I never see anyone out there and it's great because it's well lit, and there are zero cars.  I wish I could get some guys to come out and do a mock Wednesday or Thursday night race series.   I love racing that loop.

When I got home I struggled to open the door with my bike in hand with my helmet and shoes and a coffee and , sadly, the door slammed shut and put a nice little chip on my drive side chain stay.  Sucked ass.