Friday, March 11, 2011


I was standing at work today and a strange rush of dull pressure came over me.  I knew what is was right away. My little boy has been sick all week.  It had to happen.  My joints hurt, my back hurts, my bones all hurt, my knuckles hurt, my hair even hurts.  Less in the spot where it's thinning, but for two reasons I became bummed out.
1) It's my birthday this weekend and I have plans to go to Kitchener, hang out with some pals and teach a lesson  to a few cold Belgians.
2) I am scheduled to race in Florida next week.

I really didn't want to have to use an excuse for doing poorly next week.  If I can't ride this week, or at least can't ride hard, that is just going to compound this light week.  I worked several nights this week and wasn't able to train everyday.  So yeah, I was a little pissed the second  I felt the flu-like symptoms hit me with their triangle choke accuracy.

Then we watched the BBC news on the computer.  We saw all the death, and destruction in Japan.  We all watched the video clips in horror,  equally happy that we're not there as we were sympathetic to the people who are living in that chaos.    We have nothing to complain about here in Canada.  It's rained for the last few days.....who cares?   Beer prices are expected to rise by 33% in the next few months?.....pish posh.  Gas is at an all-time high?  Whoopie-Dee Look at Me!!!!   I am still going to Florida.  Still racing.  May not do as well as I thought I would have 12 hrs ago.  Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and feel much better.  Not sure.  Not that worried either.  My family is warm and safe.  I have 2 jobs that I like.  I have several awesome bikes that are waiting to be hammered on .  When I feel more like my normal lucky self.