Monday, October 22, 2012

Pauwel Kwak 8.4%

I borrowed some DVD's from a buddy.  He races for a rival team.  A team known for having the worst team kit in Ontario.  I'm not mentioning names, but man , it's bad.

The DVD in question is Troy, with that guy Brad Pitt.  In a nutshell.......this movie sucks, and I would rather go to prison than watch it again.  That guy who plays David Banner in the Hulk movie is a shitty actor and he is one of the crap points of this movie.

I rode with some guys tonight and we did our east end Toronto loop.  Not really fast, but fast enough to get my attention.  I posted tonight's ride on Strava but didn't get so much as a 3'd place ribbon of lies.
I say ribbon of lies because after a lot of rides I upload all my shit and it shows a medal with a 3 or a 2 in it , so  I  click on it but , to my total dismay and anger I really only got a 35th of 78, or something like that.  Like WTF???  Why does it do that????  Stupid Strava crap.

Then, as if by some sort of heaven sent  sweet caramilk mystery I went to the Liquor store for some delicious beers and found that my LCBO location had Kwak available for purchase.  I grabbed several.  Now, I am normally the dick who insists  on the correct glass for the correct beer...........on this occasion I had no Kwak glass.  I know it's sort of like a weird  pilsner glass but taller and needs a stand to hold it up.  So I just grabbed an imitation Duvel glass and went to town.  It's taste was delicious to me....... like a good greek giro. With less feta.  8.4%.  It's strong, a tripple in my books.  But it didn't have that heavy booze taste that some tripples and quadruppels have. I thinking of La Trappe Quadruppel actually.  If a guy wasn'r careful he could really drink himself into oblivion with this.  Those strong beers (Affligem Tripple, Chimay white cap, Westmalle Tripel....) can be deadly.  They are so smooth and creamy and tasty you are on your fourth , and forgetting how to operate your remote control, in no time.

Tomorrow morning at 5:40am I will start my normal Tuesday ride/race. The Morning Glory west end crit.  It's a genius idea.  A pile of strong riders head out before the traffic starts and race for about an hour.  Some guys from VinylBilt, the occasional Wheels of Bloor guy, a few Lapdogs, and a pile of Morning Glory racers all converge in some arena of pain and suffering in darkness and suffering ....and pain.....and whatnot.

I took a picture of my beer and suicide wings tonight to post on here but I can't see them on my desktop.  So I am posting this pic of Boots en route to a podium at the Preston St. Crit in Ottawa.  BAM CODE X!!!!!!!