Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out like a Lion.

Again I had the day off.  Another cancelling customer.  While I played on the internet machine, drank smoothies, and did the menial tasks of a man who suddendly has 8 free hours.......I repeatedly thought 'I should be out riding!' .  No .  No riding. I race tonight.  The first Mid Week Criterium race of the season.  As the time progressed towards the scheduled 7-something start time the winds grew more angry.  The light rain turned to sleet and the sky got dark.  (the sky was angry today my friends.......like an old man sending back soup at a deli).

I drove rather than ride to the course in anticipation of its cancellation.  There is Fagan and crew standing beneath the tent.  They tell me I don't want to race.  I agree.  That said, I sort of do want to race.  I want to see how long I can hold up in this chill.  It was 3 degrees.  Raining.  Sleeting.  Windy.  Maybe 12 men showed up in total.  Some left.  Some stayed in their cars.  I think 7 raced.  I was one of those fools.  I lasted 3 or 4 laps.  The cold was ripping through my cotton-like shoe covers to the point my toe nails were lifting off.  My legs felt like they were 70lbs heavier than before I started.  I noticed that Andy and Krys were still watching from Andy's mini-van.  The temptation was too great.  I received a warm reception and warm towel.  Nary a word about how I pulled out.  What a team!!!   Regardless, they stopped the race maybe 20 minutes later.  No one complained.  This weather is insane.

Good Friday we race again.  It'll be tougher than last Sunday.  But so will we.

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