Sunday, January 9, 2011

Earth is the 3'd best planet in the Universe

I witnessed a dying infant this week.  I saw a mother climb into an ambulance on an impossible mission.  I heard a woman accused of murder tell me how sorry she was.  I hear both the nicest and the angriest things any person can say.  I was also lucky enough to drive home and find my little boy asleep in bed. Safe.

I also found some catharsis in polishing my bikes, and then riding one of them.  I read somewhere that the serious cyclist finds the time spent on a bike vaccination against all the stress of life.  Man, did I need a shot this week.

We had some beers (Leffe Blonde, Orval Trappist) at my friend Marc's house last night.  I always leave that place smarter and more enlightened than when I arrived  even though we ate expensive X-mas cookies, drank beer, and watched Dodgeball.   That movie is always good.  Vince Vaughn is king.

I did a good 1hr spin today after work.  I re clothed that 12' snooker table at the Crooked Cue.  That place has such kick ass food.  All the people there are cool, and they stock Duvel.  Although sadly, not on tap.  I didn't sweat so much today riding and it was hard to keep my heart rate up where I wanted it.   Maybe I have to stop working on Sunday mornings before I ride.