Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mid Week Spitting festival

Tonight we won the Mid Week Crit.  Andy took the win with a solo breakaway on the second last lap, dropping a Jet Fuel rider.  I imagine everyone on the team took a top 20 or very near. In fact, I think it's safe to say that we controlled most of the race tonight.  One of the gentlemen from Jet Fuel  noticed and confirmed for me all the strong work I was putting in at the front, and later at the end of the race he came and told most of our team that our performance was fantatic and animated the entire race.  Basically we are really coming along nicely as a team.  Tonight almost everyone was there for the fast race.  Martin, Joe Acardi, Vito, Marc, Andy, Stan, Marco, Shaw, and me.    No crashes either, except for Erik Davis in the early race.   But who was this dick who was spitting on people?

Uh oh, pee pee

Marco in a glorious breakaway

Stan, Boots, me (black and white team kits)
Marc and me moving up the sides

slow day

Well today is another leg shave day.  I began shaving my legs on the advise of a friend back in 88 or 89, I got my first carbon bike from him back then.  It was a Specialized Allez Epic.  It weighed exactly too much.  Easily 20lbs.  It had Shimano 600 Ultegra,  I loved it.  Just didn't have the discipline to put in the kms......and eventually sold the bike.   However, I did keep shaving the legs for most of the next 20+yrs.  Broads dig it.  I normally shave them every other day, but today was after a 3 day stretch.  They somehow get smoother if you wait longer between shaves.

Last night I did a short recovery ride after putting in the 103 kms on Sunday.  I chose the crit course again for it's smooth road, no traffic, and fairly well lit corners.

Last week Vic and I rode there and saw a deer.  The week before the whole team rode a few blocks away and was basically joined by 2 huge deer.  Last nights wildlife sighting was not surprising save for the fact if was a huge skunk.  I am always amazed at how many animals you see when riding , especially in the city.  I have seen mice, snakes, a mole, possums, deer, skunks, racoons, falcons, all at close proximity.  Even an Armadillo in Florida.

Once , while mountain biking I just about hit the biggest deer I have ever seen.  That truly would have sucked.

I just love this picture, it has nothing to do  with anything......