Tuesday, July 26, 2011

slow day

Well today is another leg shave day.  I began shaving my legs on the advise of a friend back in 88 or 89, I got my first carbon bike from him back then.  It was a Specialized Allez Epic.  It weighed exactly too much.  Easily 20lbs.  It had Shimano 600 Ultegra,  I loved it.  Just didn't have the discipline to put in the kms......and eventually sold the bike.   However, I did keep shaving the legs for most of the next 20+yrs.  Broads dig it.  I normally shave them every other day, but today was after a 3 day stretch.  They somehow get smoother if you wait longer between shaves.

Last night I did a short recovery ride after putting in the 103 kms on Sunday.  I chose the crit course again for it's smooth road, no traffic, and fairly well lit corners.

Last week Vic and I rode there and saw a deer.  The week before the whole team rode a few blocks away and was basically joined by 2 huge deer.  Last nights wildlife sighting was not surprising save for the fact if was a huge skunk.  I am always amazed at how many animals you see when riding , especially in the city.  I have seen mice, snakes, a mole, possums, deer, skunks, racoons, falcons, all at close proximity.  Even an Armadillo in Florida.

Once , while mountain biking I just about hit the biggest deer I have ever seen.  That truly would have sucked.

I just love this picture, it has nothing to do  with anything......

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