Monday, March 7, 2011

Stay golden, Pony Boy.

Finally the bike show is over.  There weren't too many really hot bikes there.  Invita had the Petacchi Cento Uno, La Bici had a hot Dogma with DA 2 and a few nice Milram  Focus's on blowout, and Bianchi had their Oltre Nero with Lightweights on it.  Claiming 13.2lbs.  It was pretty alright.  But mostly I was blown the hell away by Stage Race Distributions little booth.  They had the coolest Euro bikes at the show......or anywhere.  Museeuw, Scapin, Storck, Carrera,and Pantani.  The only brands  they were missing were SPIN and Cipollini.
Yes, although I just got on my new DA Prince with 2011 303's,  I had a total boner for that white Museeuw with Super Record, and Lightweights.  Mike at Stage Race had it going on.

I finally broke my indoor trainer this weekend.  It sounds like a seizing engine.  I am not even sure how old it is, but its a goner now.  My friend Joe let me borrow his wifes new tacx trainer.  

Heading out to see what kind of power I can muster tonight.   Florida in less than 2 weeks.  Attacking off the line.  OFF THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!