Saturday, February 26, 2011

State Violence, State Control

It's almost goddamn March,  when will this winter turn and walk away? Yeah you better run you stupid season!!!!!!!  Winters seem to be getting shorter and more mild.  For years, ever since I started yearning to ride year round I have monitored (or attempted to) the winters length and severity.  Maybe they are just the same.....I don't know........Gov.  Jesse Ventura tells me that Global Warming is a hoax, and that  the somewhat  odd weather patterns are part of Earths natural cycle.  I was really hoping to ride outside this weekend, but CP24 staff weather specialist Nalini Sharma said that Sunday will be wet and sloppy.  Can't take a new bike out in that.

We added some new intervals to my nightly rides today.  I blasted some 80's punk/metal and mostly watched American History X.  I was feeling really strong tonight.  I didn't bail on any of the ride.  Sweat a lot too.  I usually don't perspire that much.  If I can get a power meter this spring, I may be detailing much different workouts.  But it is pretty trying getting through that last 15 minute hard effort.

Tonights ride:
15 minute warm up
3x15 minute intervals at 5% below threshold heart rate with 5 minute rest between
10 minute quick spinning at 60-65% ( a little faster than a cool down spin)
4x30 second sprints , with 30 second recovery between
10 minute cool down 

1 Duvel for a job well done, and if its slow tomorrow at the store we will watch the Spring classics begin.

I have my money on Phil Gilbert.  Dr Booth???