Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deadliest Warrior

If anyone watches that show on SPIKE called deadliest Warrior , and at the same time was cool enough to also watch Star Trek TNG they will suspect that the narrators voice is the same guy who played Gowron the Klingon.  Since the wickedest show on TV stopped like 15 yrs ago or more I may be wrong , and it may have been Duras and not Gowron.  But it was for sure the Klingon who handed Worf the blade and said " I give his you".  Then Worf said "I choose to spare his life".  Worf was a pretty nice guy.

Worf,  I've been watching you....and i know you've been watching me.....

I just googled that shit, and it was Gowron.  Boom!

Anyways, I am watching that show now.   Sometimes it's cool, but sometimes the results seem fixed.  Like a Samurai loses to a dorky Viking?  Vikings can't can't screw with a Samurai. Vikings are just pissed off longhairs....Samurai's will kill themselves if they screw up.  They never lose.

Last night at the mid was I was instructed to attack not once, not twice but thrice.  Then contest the sprint.  I took  all 4 instructions like one of Lance's domestique's who will later rat him out . Anyways........I had my best race to date.  They said I got 5th,  but in truth I really got 9th or 10th.  They gave Marc 8th and I was behind maybe he got 5th and I got 8th.  Care noty.

there was a big crash in the warm up lap.  This is all I got....

A bunch of the team
Phil and me trying to get away

big group tonight

Martin on Boots's wheel

Stan and Eric

Yuri, Eric, me

Me and Andy shredding that corner

I'll have more to post tomorrow or the next day................