Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday the 10th, Mid Week race.

Holy crap tonight was a great night.  Marc showed up, Vic showed up.  Most of the Kurzawinski team showed up.  The night started out pretty cold, but as per usual it seemed to warm up the faster the race got.  I felt really good. Stayed in the middle most of the race-  not up front, wasn't feeling that good. Definitely was the biggest field I have ever seen.  I would say 100 guys showed up for the late race.  There were a few nail biting moments. 

At the end of the race some guy from Jet Fuel decided to sit up for the sprint, but did it while not even pulled all the way over to the curb.  I almost rear ended him and would have killed us both .  Then he gets mad at me and tries to pull a heavy on me.  Anyways.......

You know, road racers always have a bad reputation for being ego maniacs, assholes, and whiners.  I haven't found that too much, but there are few guys who think they're the shit.  I don' know why more racers aren't just really happy and grateful that they are here competing in the best sport in the world. Why act like a jerk when it's not called for?  Shit , you could be stuck doing something brutal like golf.