Thursday, May 5, 2011

These bruises are my muted horror story............

Although I am not writing about the Obama/Osama  story I just have to add the obvious. For 1.  Why won't the papers touch on something they used to tell us years ago......that Osama had serious kidney disease and wasn't expected to live very long under the best of conditions?

 2. Why does this Obama administration think its ok to kill the Al Qaeda leader but at the same time feel that to show the picture of the corpse will insight violence against the US?

3. They had to dump his body in the ocean because in the few hours after they 'killed' him they telephoned every country on the planet to find that no one wanted the body.  But also out of respect to the Islamic faith they disposed of the body within 24 hrs, but somehow they thought maybe out of disrespect they would dump him in the Ocean....which is against their faith.    I'm very far from being an expert on this topic, so I'm sure the more well-educated can rip holes in this official story but one thing is for sure.....  I'm now beginning to think Barack is as big a liar as W.  Watch now as some type of revenge attack on the US sparks a full fledged war against the middle east.  My 2 cents.  (and why isn't there a 'cents' key on the computer?)

Tonight is going to be my first ride since last Sundays race and crash.  Not only was I misfortunate enough to crash at that race but the non stop rain seems have have helped me get a wicked cold.  Monday morning I woke up feeling about 90 times worse than when I went to bed.  The addition of bad cold to badly bruised body generally adds up to 'call in sick' , but that wasn't an option.   All I could do was take it easy this week, and drink lots of tea, not much, but some beer, and eat good meals.  The cold still remains, but the pain seems to have diminished somewhat.

Even though I still had to work this week I did enjoy going to a couple of cool places while doing so. Working in different places always keeps me on my toes for different places to ride.  Yesterday I was in Bala, Ont.  Cool little village.  I could handle a little cottage up there.  From April till October you can ride awesome hills, and roads, while dodging bears, moose and turtles. Leaving the wilds on Sundays only for OCUP races and whatnot....

                                                        One day Osama's corpse will float by.

Tonight I'm riding the crit course where at most I may dodge some Canada Geese or the odd raccoon.