Monday, February 21, 2011

Darkness Descends

Occasionally you have to revert  to your roots.  Screen legend Tom Cruise once said 'sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck'.  So in complete juxtaposition to my training and eating plan I inhaled a plate of chicken wings and gave 3 drafts beers a good home.  It felt good.  Goddamnit , it felt great!!!  It wasn't even great beer.  Far from the Belgian strong beer to which I have become accustomed but our mere fancy free attitude made me really appreciate the warming glow that only nature's perfect beverage can provide.  Although I am not by any stretch deviating from my training plan , I can't wait for my next night out with several glasses of Flanders sunshine.

Maybe if I were to apply the same logic to riding I could see improvements in my strength and/or skill.  Maybe a week off the bike would give me a much needed mental or physical jump start when I get back on.

If not, I will have to settle for a couple of bottles of Chimay  to remind  me to appreciate life, both on and off the bike.