Monday, August 8, 2011

No complaints reported

This afternoon I sure did have a great ride up to Orangeville.  By great I mean one of those rides where I felt strong and was strong.  The temperature was hot, but not overly humid.  No cars passing me too closely, and no dogs chasing me away from their property.  Headwinds from the North going up the hills, and then back was faster than fast. The wind blowing over my face and hair like an 80's Winger video.

Cyclists sharing my route were sparse to non-existent.  The sun was blazing down on my already redneck tanned skin simply added to the evidence of a summer well enjoyed.  My bike was silent, and did what I asked of it.  Almost always in the big ring. Even in the heat it seemed my electrolyte enhanced drinks stayed both cool and somehow near-full, although I don't feel I ignored my thirst at all.  Possibly I experienced one of those perfect rides.  I will be doing the same route again Thursday with the team.


Is it just me or does anybody else  love washing their drivetrain and polishing their bikes?

Carpet Crawlers

Yesterday I had planned on racing the Ontario Cup mountain bike race at Kelso in Milton.  It's a crazy hilly course with tons of climbing.  I was not allowed into the the Expert field because I don't actually have a mountain bike racing license.  So I was going to race the sport category.  I think I could have done well and at least made the podium.  When I awoke I couldn't help but notice a strange and new smell in the air.  It was the smell of rain.    The smell of moisture in the air, accompanied by the sound of pounding water on my window.  Now, I don't necessarily dislike riding in the rain.  Not as a rule, but if I am to try and do well and enjoy an XC race there better not be a riverbed for a trail.   So I stayed in bed for another 15 minutes.  In fact, I took the entire day off. Did no riding.   Felt great...........

Shortly I am going to go ride the Heart Lake Road to Hockley Valley route I like so much.  20 minutes from home and they are some of the sweetest, safest roads going.

This delicious and nutritious mid morning meal should give me the quick energy I'll need to escape any aggressive farm dogs or genetically modified snapping turtles.