Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March of the Crabs

First day of March.  Nice weather too.  I should be doing the Donut Ride on Sunday but I will be working at the bike show.   Goddamn I can't wait for this season to start.  I have so many new friends to ride with, drink beer with, hang out with.  It's cool how easily you can make friends with other racers.   Unlike some of other friends , the ones you share such a common passion with can be your closest pals.  If I can get a little cheesy and put forth a slice of personal philosophy I think that life is about 2 main things.  Relationships and experiences.  Relationships are kind of like the glue that binds all the experiences together.  Without the relationships you can't fully enjoy,  learn from, or in some way benefit from the experiences.  Relationships can be good or bad.  The bad ones make you realize how good the good ones are,  and just  like good experiences you can never have too many good relationships.  Maybe it's the first friend you made in high school, or a teacher that took extra time with you, maybe it's some stranger who commented on your bike and asked you to ride with him,  maybe it's a pet that sometimes went hungry with you, but never held it against you.   One you'll always love and remember.  Good relationships are sometimes hard to build.  But are almost always worth their weight in gold pressed latinum.


 Experiences. You need to experience things in countless ways.  Experience the thrill of dog sledding, or the pain of a massive injury.  The betrayal by loved one,  or simply putting yourself in another persons shoes.  Experience failure, or success.  Love or hate. Highs and lows.  These are all things that, when added up will be the pages of your life's photo album.   I recommend experiencing a cold tulip glass  of Duvel as often as possible.

 Currently, on the month of my 40th birthday I am still amassing both great experiences and even better relationships.  I am pretty confidant that the next 40 will be even more noteworthy.  (end of cheese)

 Tonight, I threw my training book aside (Aside you stupid book! I cried!) and just rode hard.  Not longer than an hour but probably still at around 165 bpm for most of the duration.   I am still loving my training bike, the chamois cream I use, I also am getting hooked on this FRS Healthy Energy juice.


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