Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hotter than Hell II

Damn I wish I hadn't used Hotter than Hell as my album reference last week as it was WAAAAAAY hotter today.

Todays race was in Cobourg. An awesome little town that my Grandfather used to live in.  Biggest beach around. I used to come here as a youngin'.  The Tom Jehlicka memorial race is not an Ontario Cup race, but still a good one to test the legs. The organizers believed that  limited fields would participate so they had an open category and mixed a lot of different  age groups and  skill levels .  We started at just after noon.  the race included all S3, S1, S2 and any masters racers that were willing.  The race started off with a parade lap with the Mayor of Cobourg .  He is about 75 yrs old and was riding a $200 mountain bike.  But the slower lap was a great way to get warmed back up after the 10 minute speech at the line.

The race was hotter than shit and windier even.  The 1/2 km stretch down the start/finish line was really fast.   My 50/11 was having a hard time staying in the pack on a couple of laps, but the rest of the course I found it ok and not too much trouble.

This isn't a race report and I won't profess to know what transpired at the front of the group while I was sitting in the middle of the pack, but I will say that anyone who finished deserved a pat on the back because it was really hot.  Like Mexico hot..... Shopping along that main street in the Mayan Riviera where the buildings block all the wind and the sun just cooks you to death.  That's how hot it was today.  Except we didn't have guys trying to sell us Mexican wrestling masks, and there were a lot fewer aggressive local coke dealers offering us deals.  I did really well compared to the last 2 months since my crash in London and the sickness and bad vibes that followed.

This is what my truck registered the heat as.

What's so funny cool whip?  you get a lot of satisfaction from those $15 dollar hookers?
"I am never satisfied!"

I wish we had a team cool down event at the beach after this race .  You can walk as far out into the lake as you like and it never goes deeper than your chest.

Although this pic doesn't illustrate it, my arms are red, but it does show off that kick ass shirt!

Best beach ever.  Maybe tied with Sauble Beach............

*all or most pics by Bree, however action limited they may be.  thanks for coming Bree!!!!!!!!!!!