Monday, May 28, 2012

Stupid Terra Cotta ride May 27th

Today was a day like a lot of other really hot days.  Basically just a regular day , but hotter than most.
Regardless, I headed into Wheels of Bloor to pick up a tube and then started riding. It was only 23 or 24 degrees out so it was perfect for a good 60k ride.   Shortly thereafter I meet up with a dude from the Morning Glory Team.  He persuades me into going way further than I intended.  We ride from downtown out to Terra Cotta.  The distance wasn't the problem it was the heat.  It was getting hotter by the minute.  I only had 2 bottles, but also had no food.  I had intended to just do laps at the Crit course , hit a store on the way back and I would be good.  So this guy Hanz takes me out way past where I want to go, granted it's a nice ride, but my leg just aren't turning.  I kept falling off his wheel, and I don't even think he was pushing it.

We stopped at a small fruit market for more water and some apples.  We each bought 3 waters, all of which were done by the time we got home.  The temperature at the market was 33 degrees in the shade and that felt great compared to being in the sun.  I wager it was closer to 40 on the road.


So we ride back into Toronto with nary a hit and run scare.  Those guys from the Morning Glory team all seem , so far, to be really great guys.  Hanz, told me that he works for the guy who invented Paypal, and who also owns Tesla Electric cars.  The company, not just the cars.

Official rules of the Euro cyclist states tan lines must be crisp and defined

I inhaled this in 2 minutes

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prestige Worldwide II

When I was about 11 yrs old I  lived in North York, which is on the north end of Toronto.  In the summer we all used to play at this ravine, there was a small river and trails going through the trees .  It was great fun.  I often tried to coerce my Mom into letting me camp down there with my friends.  She never gave in.  Another great part about the ravine was this storm drain outlet into the creek. It was a huge tunnel that frequently poured  rain water into the creek that eventually drained into Lake Ontario.  We were able to get inside this huge sewer tunnel if the water was low.  There was a steel cage over the entrance but with a little work we could always crawl beneath it.  It wasn't gross and infested with rats as I had always imagined.  It was dark but not dark enough to scare us.  We could tunnel our way up for a while until we hit the  ladders that would take us up to the Man-Holes on the street above.

One time (my last time) we went down into the tunnels with some older kids.  They were all just sitting around near the entrance , too cool  I suppose to go all the way in.  Maybe they had done it too many times...I don't know.  So I crawl in, and I find this huge baseball sized piece of tarmac.  It's gotta be 6 lbs.  I guess I just wanted to see how far I could hurl it down the tunnel.  I wound up and fucking chucked it like I really meant it. I remember  the screaming.  It seemed like the screams began the exact moment the rock left my my hand.  I had hit the oldest, biggest and toughest of the boys right in the temple with my overhand asphalt curveball.  He cried like a much younger kid I thought.........but in his defense , there was a shitload of blood.  Blood. Blood . Blood. His blood.  Everywhere.  I also remember thinking if this kid doesn't come to kill me in the next few days, his parents will.  After a week of worry, I sort of forgot about it.  I hadn't heard he died, or  that he was looking for me.  So I took that as great news.  I haven't hit anyone with rocks ever since.

Yesterday I was on Facebook chatting with some dude from Belgium.  He informs that there is now an 8th Trappistine bier.  I was like 'cut the crap'..........for realsies?   There is now an 8th Trappist monestary/brewery .  Although it's not in Belgium, like those posers at De Koningshoeven in the Netherlands. (i'm just screwing around) but this one is in Austria.  I can't speak to the deliciousness of the beer but I do know one thing.  There is not a crappy Trappist beer.  Chimay is creamy good .  Orval, even tastier.  Westmalle Trippel being the best beer ever to pass my lips, but I can't wait to taste this .

I think me, Jimmi and Tom are going to have to pay another visit to the beer bistro soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Goon Ride

This Blog is back by popular demand

Tonight was the weekly ride that leaves High Park (across the street from my house) and heads out to Port Credit.  Its basically like a Donut Ride. I don't know how to make that a hyperlink but you can google 'Donut Ride Toronto'.  The only difference is that there is a smaller group, the ride is shorter, a different route, and the ratio of racers to non racers is higher.  So , basically it has little in common with the Donut Ride.  I guess I just compare the 2 rides because a few of the crazy riders from the Donut show up here.  There's this one dude who is really hairy, he looks like a starving gorilla and he has the weirdest fashion sense, and looks pretty awkward on the bike.  Try to stay in front of him.  There's several guys like that. Fuck, I may be one of them.........They probably say 'that dick in the green and white, with the sweet Italian bike and perfect 100rpm cadence, he is always chopping wheels.....he raced for Kurzawinski last year....'

File Photo: Not the Thursday Goon Ride

Tonight the hero's of the ride tried to take us on a different route.  I guess it was ok.  Seemingly less traffic than going down the Queensway.

Anyways a few of us either got caught behind a light or let the main group get away.....I actually can't remember now, but it was me, and Bobby and Ian from Wheels of Bloor and 1 other dude.  We didn't seem to be catching them, and we were hitting all the lights.  Then after a lot of strong pulls by Ian and even stronger wheelsucking by me , Bobby took a long one  that basically launched Ian into warp 9.7 and he took off and caught those guys up front.  One of which was my Teammate Johnny Power.  The power was on tonight, but still on the ECO mode, always saving some for the sprint at the end.  Although Ian managed to beat down that Sweet Pete's guy like a red-headed step child up the final sprint climb, always good.

Basically it's not that friendly a ride, I mean no one wants to talk with Z-Team in those funny kits, and the guys riding can never recognize them from week to week.

Anyways, no crashes, no car accidents, no flats.

Moving Time:1:57:47
Elapsed Time:2:07:08
Avg Speed:31.4 km/h
Avg Moving Speed:33.8 km/h
Max Speed:61.6 km/h