Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Belgian Kriek Beer

I'll make this short. Today I found a few Belgian biers that I don't see very often.  I bought the regular one , I don't know what it is though....maybe an Ale..  I also grabbed this one, it's a black cherry fruit beer.  The deal with this beer is that the top is wrapped in gold foil, then has a cap, and then when you pull the cap off  a cool cork is revealed.  these guys go overboard with the presentation.  The beer inside is pretty fantastic too.  They weren't trying to hide the black cherry.....there are no notes of's full of it.  In a good way.  If you can remember the POP SHOPPE'S black Cherry soda's like that but better.  It would take a lot of them to knock you down as they are only 3.5% alc.....but like Fruli they are a good primer.  These guys are bringin' it to the fruit beer and Belgian white beer market.  Boom!!!!

I like rearranging the pics in a big and small, left to right fashion.   I'm  making these pics my bitch.

This is my Cryptic Slaughter beer coolie.  They were an awesome hardcore band I liked in High School.  I still have the coolie.  Rarely use it though.  Set your own pace.

In the bag.......

It's threatening rain again today.  The clouds have darkened but are not yet peeing.  I am always a fan of watching Farra Nasser and the girls of CP24.  So I'm always bang on with not only Toronto traffic but the weather reports.

I rode around the Matheson loop this morning for about 2 hours.  The wind was strong and was blowing in the reverse direction to which it normally blows.  Felt like a new route.  I even hopped on the tail of a tractor trailer and let him pace me for about 2 minutes , but really quickly.  I was about  half a meter from eating his bumper.  Always fun.

Last nights Mid Week Crit was a great race.  Granted it seemed a little slower than most nights , but the bonus with a slower night is that there are a lot more attacks than if it's top speed all night. by the second lap  myself, and Vic were just getting ready to jump (or if Vic jumped, I was right there on his wheel) and at that second an opening formed Marc flew right by.  We were able to both stand up and get behind him.  We had a nice little breakaway going for a few laps.  Again, I showed equally my zeal and inexperience and took slightly longer pulls at the front than I should have  so when the group finally caught us it was a blessing  as I was going at near redline.    The rest of the race was great for practicing moving up to the front  and attacking,  and then moving back into the front(ish) of the pack.   At the end it turned into a bunch sprint right around the 250m mark.  I was definitely in a good spot to get a top 5 but again my lack of pure power allowed a few guys to get around me (Stan and Marc......) and I got a 10th place.  I'm still very happy with that.  It just means I need to watch my position in the final laps even more closely.    

I am seriously impressed with this new beer from Quebec called Dominus Vobiscum.  I REALLY like it.  It's so damn refreshing.  The effervescence is alot more intense than most beers. It claims to be a Belgian style beer, so  I would still compare it to something like Hoegaarden.  So similar so that I feel within my rights to pour it into a Hoegaarden glass.    

Ace Out