Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Belgian Kriek Beer

I'll make this short. Today I found a few Belgian biers that I don't see very often.  I bought the regular one , I don't know what it is though....maybe an Ale..  I also grabbed this one, it's a black cherry fruit beer.  The deal with this beer is that the top is wrapped in gold foil, then has a cap, and then when you pull the cap off  a cool cork is revealed.  these guys go overboard with the presentation.  The beer inside is pretty fantastic too.  They weren't trying to hide the black cherry.....there are no notes of's full of it.  In a good way.  If you can remember the POP SHOPPE'S black Cherry soda's like that but better.  It would take a lot of them to knock you down as they are only 3.5% alc.....but like Fruli they are a good primer.  These guys are bringin' it to the fruit beer and Belgian white beer market.  Boom!!!!

I like rearranging the pics in a big and small, left to right fashion.   I'm  making these pics my bitch.

This is my Cryptic Slaughter beer coolie.  They were an awesome hardcore band I liked in High School.  I still have the coolie.  Rarely use it though.  Set your own pace.

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