Monday, January 10, 2011

Obesity is killing the African/American community...............with laughter!

Holy crap its cold outside.  I didn't even try to ride outside today.  My pal Juan and I rode a few weeks ago and it was -4 degrees and that was a test.  My  points at issue with riding in the cold is that the cold forces you to go faster  to get the heart rate up and get the blood circulating, but the increased wind chill factor seems to nullify the warm fire you're building.  So I guess the trick is just to ride as hard as you can and then get home before your toes turn black and fall off .  -4 seems to be my ceiling for balls out fast riding.  I have ridden in worse conditions where the weather was warmer.  The Chiropractors and I did the Donut ride early December and after about 25kms it started snowing pretty hard and it was turning quickly slush. That was the most pain I have been in while riding.  My legs felt like I had just finished an interrogation in a Viet Cong camp.  I rode tonight for just over an hour.  I tried to simulate my intervals tonight as my heart rate monitor stopped working again.

I can't wait to start hitting the 14 km climbs of South Carolina in March.