Saturday, February 12, 2011

If you don't stand up, you don't stand a chance.

Today I got into Invita and was hoping for a rush of customers.  Nope.  Its still to early for our crowd to get in and start buying up all the new goodies.   I guess its just the racers who are out right now, both shopping and riding.  I counted and put away a crap load of cool merchandise.  The boxes of Sram Red and Campy Super Record were particularly drool worthy.  I didn't mind all the Colnago frame sets either.  Anyways I am continuing to meet new customers as well as existing ones.  A lot of nice bikes come through that door for Juan to fix.  That dude is one sick mechanic.  He takes  his shit to a whole 'nother level. 

                                                               Phil, Krys, and Juan.

Yesterday I banged off the hardest of my  rides for this week.  The second 20 minute effort was tough, but more tough just to sit through and complete than it was physically hard.  The sprinting at the end was like running for my life from a parliament of pissed off owls, a streak of Tigers, or even a crash of Rhinoceroses. Yeah, you heard me punchy.

Krys and Phil dropped by today.  Those handsome bastards were out running around in the snow attempting to get into race shape.  No running for me.  Indoor intervals and donut rides.

Oh yeah, if you are ever thinking about buying new shoes these DMT's are average, at best.   My Sidi Ergos are 10x better.   Even my old DMT Ultimax are better.  Just not as white.

T-Balls out.