Monday, May 16, 2011

Spreading the Disease

After that race last race in London, where I got put into the curb, I got sick.  Yeah sick, real sick.  The kind of sick you try to hide from  the other kids so they don't think you have Impetigo, or Lice or something like that........but this time I have some sort of Made in Hell sinus infection, in concert with what feels like whooping cough.  As well as an overall weakness and malaise that is keeping me from the bike.  Thats the worst part.  Everyday I'm off the bike my season goes further down the shitter.

                            I think this is the last pic of a girl with a bike that I have.....

I also have been going to a Chiropractor for lazer treatments on my sprained hand. You always think hands are stupid useless things that you will never need, well let me tell you -that's a lie.  I can barely open a beer, gets keys from my pocket,  text on my stupid phone, and more!!!  I'm told it can maybe be months before it heals totally.  For the last few days I have been enjoying a few of my favorite products.  No beer,  but also almost no cold drugs.

Stan and Marc
The other day in Sauble Beach Stan got 4th, and  Marc got 5th in M1 and Andy (Sweetness) got 3'd in M2.  I guess Andy moves up to the machine now.   It's all us now.  Boom!  tomorrow I'll either die on the course, or get blown away and ride home coughing.