Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I take the Lord's name in vain often, and with great relish.

This past season was a good one for me.  After Marc and I returned from riding in North Carolina I wrote out a list of goals that I would like to achieve in the upcoming race season.  Looking at them now, I surpassed all of them.  One might say that my goals were too easily attained and that's why I did so well.  But I don't think so. I went from not being able to finish a Tuesday night race with the pack to , in 4 weeks, winning that race.  I did well in the Kitchener Classic, and got on the podium at the CNE race.  Even did the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice and got a 3'd place.  

The placings don't mean as much though as the confidence I got by hammering it out for 90minutes, or sometimes way longer.  I used to be scared of crashing again.  No longer.  My luck is too good.  Over the top good luck.  This season  I move up a category, and although the competition is tougher I'm not worried.  I am also not worried because I'm not necessarily   going for wins or podiums.  I am going for fun.  By fun I mean, not being pack filler.  Not being the guy who just sits in and joins the break in the last 3kms.  Not being the guy who only  contests the sprint in the last 500m.  I am going to attack lots, again and again.  I am going to make a difference in every race. Whether I win, lose or  land somewhere in the middle, its not as big a concern as  if I stirred up some shit .  The last race I did in 2010 was a wet rainy one and I had a wicked cold.  I knew I wouldn't have a chance.  So I worked for Marc.  I attacked the field on lap 3  (I think).  I looked back and saw everyone looking up.  Some guys thought I was stupid, some didn't know what I was doing, some thought it was a waste.  I only rode away for maybe 2kms, but it felt great.  Better than finishing 15th would have.  Although the attack didn't work as planned, it caused a large break that got my friend Stan a second placing.  It felt as good as any podium.  And when I perfect my craft this season, I will be a happier man.  They will  all call Doyle The Leprechaun.