Wednesday, February 23, 2011

King for a day

Most of the time I ride at night.  Usually 9:30-11:00ish. If I am not doing a Spinervals or Carmichael DVD I do one of  my interval rides and I watch CP24.  It's good because it has a big clock that shows minutes and seconds so I can easily tell how long to do each set.  I also get to read the news.  Although, I am almost always listening to some sort of intense CD (see February's blog titles) and  I watch whichever news anchor is on.  Occasionally it's Gurdeep Ahluwalia, but most of the time, and if I am lucky its Farrah Nasser.  She loves her job.  She tells the news with a zeal and passion that few other anchorpersons have.  But  mostly she is just smokin' hot.  She is easily the best looking woman on CTV/CP24 but probably Canadian news in general.  I don't even need to hear her tell me what's up.  I can just tell if it's good news or bad.  But mostly, again, she is just really hot and I don't care what she is saying.  I wish she would come and cover one of our races.  I would make sure I somehow won/or crashed in that race  just so I could speak with her.   Afterall, I blew my chance with Dina a couple of years ago when I was at Breakfast Television.  Damnit.

                                      You're a dirty slut and I'm going to punch you in the ovaries.......

Tonight I am taking a night off.  For Christ's sake this blog is called Strong Beer, Strong Legs I can't just quit drinking just like that. I already eat way less food.  Dropped white bread and rice.  Eat almost no processed foods.   Tons less meat.  It makes me realize how shitty I was eating, even though it wasn't that bad.......I do start everyday with about 7 servings of fruit.  Tonight, however, I am having about 3 servings of beer.  Keller.  Not bad.  No Devil of a beer, but not bad.

Today Rob D'Amico came in to the store.  He tells me that Z-Team and Wheels of Bloor have merged.   I don't know whether to be upset and disheartened or just stay the course and hope that they incur some infighting and blow a team gasket.  Who the hell will be their team leader?!?!?!  Rob is probably the best (read: smartest) racer but Ian  and/or Bruce are strong as hell, and that's just the tip of the Iceberg.  They have Radek, Mike Peshco, Vic Pwu...........Christ they don't have any weak riders.  All these fucking guys just came back from Cuba and were flying down there.  Hell, Vic is going to Tenerife soon.

At least Marc and I are racing in Florida next month.  Oh, and Marco got hurt last night.  So he may be out for the season.  Crap.

I won't sleep well tonight.  Especially if I think about Farrah.