Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heart Lake road hills . All week.

For a hill, men would kill. Why? They do not know. Stiffened wounds test their pride.

Here's what I know.  Today I rode the Heart Lake road to Orangeville route.  Possibly my favorite route, in or around the Toronto.  It's very hilly, but I wouldn't describe the hills as climbs really.  Maybe one.

The best part is the no traffic.  Followed by the smooth pavement.  The clean blowing northerly wind. the snapping turtles crossing.  Most of the way up to HWY 9 is uphill.  So it basically means that a lot of the way back to the car is downhill.  A downhill with a tailwind.  I'm doing the same ride tomorrow, but longer and faster.  This turtle in the pic was the second one I saw attempting to cross the road.  The first one looked like your standard friendly pet turtle, but this one had some kind of death beak, and grenade smothering shell, plus it had miniature bear claws, and tail that would be a great concealed weapon.   I didn't help this one across the road.  No way.

check out the damn Stegosaurus tail on this monster 

I recently put these Deda Phazer bars on my Guerciotti.  I can safely says they are the best bars I have tried so far.  I was previously addicted to my Cinelli Ram bars.  Which are awesome in all respects, but they are a little bit heavy.  These Phazers are as light as something really light, but they take comfort to the next level.  As comfortable as something really comfortable.  They have these stupid egg shaped bits on the tops .  Deda calls it the 'power egg'.  Whatever. But the egg fits right into your hand like a testicle self- exam, without the 'turn your head and cough'.  The bottom of the drops also have these cool built in padded pieces that are also totally awesome.  Mostly they have perfected the delicate balance between stiffness and comfort and added a measure of coolness, due in part to the racing stripes that I feel are also pretty sharp.

100% feeling!!!!
not sure why the flash didn't work