Friday, February 18, 2011

Apocalypse Inside

Here are the first pics of my new racing machine.  The Fulcrum wheels that you see are just on there until my Zipps arrive.  Hopefully next week.  As it stands it is 17lbs.  But those wheels are about 4 lbs and the Zipps are around 2.25lbs, and I will put on my titanium Speedplay pedals so that should bring it to just below 15lbs.
This Prince is 1cm shorter than my last Prince , but I always felt that bike was a bit long.  So I hope this one shreds.

I think I am expected to report my opinion on this bike for the new Invita Sport Blog.  That blog will be about the store, our brands, and fun stuff that happens there.  I'll also give my opinions on bikes, parts, on-bike clothes and supplements.

                                                               Dethroned Emperor

Leprechaun out.