Monday, June 20, 2011

Assos Bib shorts and handwashing

I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Assos bibs shorts for my last birthday.  I was so excited to try on and then ride with some of the  cycling worlds most expensive and technically advanced piece of apparel.  When I put them on the magic started immediately.  The easy snugness of the leg grippers.  The strong yet gentle shoulder straps.  Comfort personified.   Possibly it was  the next day I went out for a spin to try them out and see if the chamois lived up to, not only it's reputation, but my initial high praise .

This guy I know says 'Boom!!!!' a lot.  Generally when something is pretty explosively cool.  I think I can safely issue a serious BOOM! to the bibs after ride #1.   They felt like I had a new seat on my bike.  But not a racing seat, more like a leather sofa seat.  Nicest chamois ever.  Better than my Castellis, Pearl Izumis, Sugois, Garneaus, Champion Systems,  even better than Hincapies  and any other bibs I have owned over the years.  I never get uncomfortable when I in them.  No matter the heat.  I put 600-700 florida kms in them this past March.  No sores,  no chafing, no STD's.

I just acquired some Assos apparel detergent.  It comes in very small quantities as you don't need much, but Assos knows that, and they don't sell anything that could be considered cheap.  I think if you ride and wash your bibs everyday it will cost you about $40 a month to clean them.

So I follow the directions and fill the (kitchen) sink with water and the detergent and continue my endeavor to clean, properly the second most expensive bibs in the world.    After a few minutes I wring them out, and hang them outside to dry.  The detergent promises to be more gentle on the fabric than traditional laundry soaps.  I can't actually confirm that without drinking it but I can affirm that it does smell really good. Like a grade 1 school teachers perfume mixed with some exotic flowers that we don't get here in Canada. 


  1. I have to TOTALLY agree with you... after spending some serious money on Castelli just because I ride a Cervelo.. I now feel like a COMPLETE idiot.. from now onwards.. my jewels are going to be covered in Assos' state-of-the-art-worth-every-cent, chamois.