Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid Week Crit Tuesday the 21st

Finally found my legs and lungs.  I love the Tuesday races.  I didn't win but I was up front trying to stir up shit and be part of the race.

Stan won, Marc and Vic both top 10.

Some idiot from Chain Reaction complained that the Kurzawinski team is chopping wheels or something like that.  How weird that all 9 of us seemed to be doing it but no one, especially him, crashed and no one else complained.  In fact I'd say we're friends with almost everyone in the Tuesday peloton.

When Z Team were on top I heard that everyone complained about them.  Now Kurzawinski is killing it and the weaker teams start whining.    This is the Catalina fuckin' Wine Mixer.  I wanna make bank bro, I wanna get ass...............I wanna drive a Range Rover.  POW POW!!!


  1. Hey? Is this baby on? Trev art a good!

  2. Hey Art Drawer! You ride like you draw: Adequately.

  3. I couldn't draw that picture.