Thursday, June 23, 2011

La Vie Claire

Today I was working in a sizable home in Oakville.  Oakville is known for being the most affluent suburb of the Greater Toronto Area.  As I passed between grand entrance, to spiral staircase, to enormous and well lit finished basement my eye caught a glimpse of something strangly familiar, and (to paraphrase some 80's teen street parlance )  large cool like.

The above piece is (most likely) a print by famed Danish artist Piet Mondrain.  He died in 1944,  he was famous for evolving a type of art called 'neo-plastcism'.  Who didn't love that style of art?  Aside from Art-deco and surrealism what else was was there?  C'mon now.....

In 1984 the La Vie Claire, the French cycling team was one of the most dominant , if not the most dominant teams of the European peloton.  Such notable racers included Greg LeMond, Steve Bauer, Andy Hampsten, Bernard Hinault, and Laurent Jalabert.  The LVC team was maybe the first team to have ever made the switch from steel to carbon fiber frames.  During his time with LVC LeMond is credited with being the first rider to adopt clipless pedals as well as clip-on aero bars.   They also borrowed the Mondrian design and made one of the most recognizable team outfits off all time.  Molteni being the only one I think might be more recognizable.  

A super nice guy sold me this sweater for $60 last winter.   It was 25yrs old, and he didn't believe he's ever worn it.  

      Here's a pic of me pretending I'm going out riding, but  really just wearing a  red-hot jersey

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