Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Art of War/The Baroudeurs Cookbook (part 1)

I have been reading an interpretation (1 of many) of Sun Tsu's famous handbook on battle.  I can be interpreted for war,  martial arts, hand to hand combat, streetfighting, business, many sports, and cycling etc, etc....  For all intents and purposes we can assume the title 'baroudeur' for the words 'warlord' or 'fighter'.  I think there is a shitload* of translations/interpretations but the version I have lends itself nicely to the tactics and ideals of road and crit racing.

1) Racers who have mastered defense, attack from hidden places and  assure their own success. They know when, where and how to make an attack while defending their positions at the same time.

2) Men of worth see victory in creating difficulty for their enemy.  They foresee victory when the enemy cannot overcome his own inadequacy.

Provincial Championship Master B race. Photo stolen from Heather Shearer!

*my favorite unit of measure