Thursday, August 30, 2012

Insanity is what I am/ Shower Beers

Say my name!!!!!!!   I am the man who killed Gus Fring!!!!!

I just wanted to get that out of the way.

A frequent and consistent phenomenon in my life is the process of winding down apres work (as they say in french)  and in doing so  who doesn't enjoy a tasty and refreshing shower beer?  Whomever said that showers are just for having unprotected sex with girls you met on   C'mon....the shower can be a wondrous (correct spelling BTW) for engaging in 1 of many activites.  1. you can wash all the days dirt off of your body. 2. you can shave your legs and/or balls, if that's how you choose to live your life.....or you can just stand there , with old Slayer blasting in the background and drink on .  The boiling hot water is the prefect juxtaposition to the cold as hell beer that is pouring down your thoat.  I don't even fuck around with just a bottle like a farmer would do, I bring  the proper glass or a near perfect accompanying   glass.  You heard me punchy.

The kid likes his beer in the shower.  Anyone who says that its retarded or anything less than totally awesome is a moron ., because you shouldn't really put any stipulation on when quality beers are to be consumed.  A hot or even cold shower is only made better by an accompanying cold beer.

Anyways.................I rode the Morning Glory ride/race this morning at 5:40am.  I love these guys.  Genius's!!!!  Anyone who organizes a bike race at that time is pretty AOK in my books.   Todays loop was awesome and my heartrate was insane.  In fire, baptized.  Wipe the virtue from your eyes.  It's my new goal to get more and even stronger racers to frequent this awesome race.

Men with Balls

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I learn something important from each fresh defeat

This past weekend.......  I recall it  much like one recalls a dream.  I think it was late Friday evening.  A potential customer of mine calls me to inquire about some pricing.  We discuss the job and nearly agree on a price.  He then slyly says 'do you like beer? I can give also you a couple of vouchers for a couple of free cases'.  My initial thought is 'ok', but  with computer-like quickness I assessed the deal, and as if using nothing short of total  instinct I replied 'As long as it's not Labatt's'.  His reply was of course Labatt's.  I cringed a quiet cringe then  we agreed the job would commence on Monday.

In this world there are snobs and assholes. I'm a snob.  I write a beer blog that's snobbish against the big beer breweries.  I write from a snobby standpoint about everything from the state of blogs worldwide to the freakin' World Order.  Later today I will go to the beer store to redeem 1 of my free cases of beer.  It pains me to try and decide which well marketed box of crap to buy. If that's not being an asshole then I don't know what is!i=2021697056&k=ZGPNJ9b

We raced the Wheels of Bloor Horseshoe Valley .  This race was well anticipated by a lot of racers as the course was new, longer than usual and it was WOB first (hopefully not last ) attempt at organizing a race. Of course there were a few wrinkles in the organization, routes and whatnot but overall most were thankful and thought it was a wicked race.

In my wave we started 2 minutes after the Master 1/Senior 1,2 wave. ( Possibly a bit soon, as we did catch them in the first 20-25 minutes or so.)  But no matter........I lined up .  The sky threatened rain, like it had been most of the week.  The rain is like a secret weapon.  It instills fear into the hearts of some men, and breeds strength, courage and saddles sores in others.  We completed our 4km neutral start, I felt muscular and compact.  Like corned beef.  I knew this race was going to go well.  Little did I know all the work at the front was taking it's toll on my legs, now weakened from many weeks of sporadic riding,  all day trips to the beach with my son, and and unusually good selection of Trappist beers at the downtown liquor stores.  With less than 3kms to go both my legs began to cramp .  I yelled a frustrated yell, and kept pedaling the only way I knew how-by turning one leg after another , in quick succession .  I crossed 30 seconds behind.  Curses!!!!!

I later went home to enjoy several fantastic beers that I rarely get to imbibe.  Those beers made me remember that I had 2 cases of Labatts coming to me.  Which in turn forced me to drink was a vicious circle.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Canadian Cyclist WOB thread

Sorry everyone, I thought this would be a better outlet than the Canadian Cyclist forum for this topic.  It went a little out of control.  My apologies to anyone who feels they got slandered, and anyone on my team.
I could never have guessed it would get that dirty.

I just thought this would be a forum and fun outlet but it turned very black, very fast.  I think there are a lot of good guys on WOB and also VinylBilt, as well as the entire Master peloton, so I think a lot of the guys who were posting cruel stuff on here represent a small portion of them.   Thanks, and sorry again.