Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shock me Valley

Tonight we rode through Hockley Valley.  I've never even heard of that area until I joined the Kurzawinski team.  Anyways, its from the northwest end of Brampton (what ever happened to Bramalea????) and I guess we head up toward Orangeville.   (I always thought the name Orangeville should be reserved for a town in Florida, not a small city in a province where no oranges could possibly ever grow.....).   We took Heart Lake road north and the hills were good.  Not huge but lots of them.

On the way back we started to make a small gap between us (Me, Mr O'Salvati, Emilio, and Stanislav) and the main group ,  we hammered it all the way back .  I would say maybe 15 or 18 kms.  Not sure, I don't have a computer on my bike.  They never stay working for very long.  Regardless , we never got caught.  I felt the strongest I have felt in weeks.  Being sick sucks baggis.

I imagine my fitness is just about returned after my very bad month of rain, illness and damaged hand.  I have to do the 90 km Invita sport ride again Saturday so I hope to put the hurt on those guys while staying in the small ring and spinning.

Kitchener race in less than 2 weeks.

That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ass!