Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stormy day, won't see me sinking

Rode the other night on Marc's Cervelo with a power meter.  My numbers were less than I had hoped for, but still  decent I guess.  I am hoping they will get better once I get used to using a power meter and pace myself properly.  I will test again after we return from Florida.  Hopefully , I will do ok at those races and that will also be a boost to the motivation.  But regardless............we are going to have  good time racing down there.  A few other dudes from the team are going to Texas, but not racing.    I predict Andy is going to me a machine this year. 

Blender of Champions

Observe!  This is my new blender.  $100.  not bad.  I looked at a couple different blenders that were almost twice the price.  I couldn't see too much difference, the blades were the same thickness.  Maybe the motors in the more expensive ones were better though.  I just can't keep using $30 crap Presidents Choice blenders that claim to be 'professional' grade.  As soon as you throw in some ice, or frozen pineapple you can hear the motor struggling like Tommeke chasing  Spartacus.   This one rips through all frozen water, fruit, tundra....what have you......and doesn't smell like high school small-engines shop.  $100 well spent.

This weekend is going to be a bad weekend for training.  I am breaking with the program , for 1 night anyways, and drinking a pile of beer.  Hopefully all Duvels.   Oh, and speaking of Duvels.........I have heard from 2 friends this week that all the liquor stores are out of Duvel.  I have witnessed my favorite LCBO location also present to me an empty shelf where Belgiums finest once sat.   If this absence becomes a resident problem I imagine we are going to have to start ordering it by the case.  Or I could do what Dr Booth does and just buy a keg fridge and fill it with Leffe.   You magnificent bastard Booth,  always one step ahead.