Monday, April 25, 2011

Tornado watch, showers and unsettled stretches of weather

Can it be?  Has spring finally come?  This weather has been a real thorn in the side of cyclists in Ontario.  Last year people were riding in March break in shorts and light jackets.  I am still in full arm and leg warmers and a jacket, and although it's supposed to be pretty warm all week it's also supposed to rain non stop.  I hope , at least, if it rains tomorrow it rains during the Mid Week race tomorrow night.

Today I thought I'd beat the rain and ride a little earlier.  I went over to the Matheson/Explorer loop and did intervals.  There were a couple of dudes riding around there on black Cervelos, but mostly just a lot of people doing that fast walking thing, possibly training for Olympic speed walking.  The street sweepers were out in full force today so I enjoyed gravel free cornering, not to mention a nice smooth surface to roll along.  

I've been told I'm not training correctly for the races I'm doing......I need to do more hard 3 minute intervals.  So I figured a little over 1/2 the loop at an attack speed, and the rest at a recovery speed would be good.  

3 laps warm up (about 12kms)
6 laps (interval/recovery)
3 laps (strong but not interval speed)
2 laps (small ring spinning fast cool down)

Now I'm enjoying homemade broccoli soup, million grain bread and 1 Leffe for lunch.  Damn!!!!!!

Came across this the other metal album of all time.  And they are drinking Stella's.
It all makes sense now.

Black Friday

I was feeling good going into the race.  It was windy, but not terrible.  Dry, and cool.  Pretty good racing conditions.  I pulled up to the parking lot and see that Krystoph had acquired a limo bus for the team.  Like an Aerosmith or US Postal bus, only with a lot less drugs inside.  That alone should have set a winning tone for the race.  But not for myself or Joe.

Master 2
Master  1
Stan Blazek:1st
Marc Booth:12th
Krystoph Kurzawinski:38th
Vito Barbera:DQ

Overall, a good day for the team, but a bad day for me.  Also technical difficulties plagued the team photographer, so I have only these 3 pics of the entire event.