Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Epidemic, permanent disease

January and February of this year I drank maybe a 6 pack in total.  I was trying to get into shape and drop a few pounds.  I never really identified any discernible weight loss that I could attribute to the absence of beer , since I was also riding 60-90 minutes a night 5-6 nights a week.  Then I went out and rode for 8 days in Florida and had a couple beers everyday.  Still , with proper eating and riding the weight slowly declined.

I'm left feeling that unless you are pounding 5 or 6 or more  beers a night that drinking doesn't mean shit.  I have at least 1 Devil beer every night with dinner.......maybe 2.  For the advantage not drinking may give my racing, it would reduce me to  a broken man.  Beer is in my soul.  Like Metal.  Huskies.  Fighting (in the gym), and riding.

So if the time comes that I am so close to winning M1 races that a more strict diet and the total absence of alcohol would make the difference I may change the blog title to No beer, strong legs.

I have friends that don't even know what a sweet Belgian Blonde tastes like.  I can't imagine not coming home from a hard ride, or a crazy day at work and cracking a bottle and filling its respective glass, admiring it for a moment and then giving it a good home.

Tonight , I think I will reach for a long neglected Hoegarden.

I did , afterall, ride the criterium course and the Explorer loop for almost 2 hours today .  By myself.  I like how the roads seem to be salt and sand-free right now.  I am imposing my will on the fast corner after the descent.  

                                                   Looky, looky, is that Marco behind me?