Wednesday, March 23, 2011

two more Stella's gentlemen?

The temp has been perfect down here.  Marc loads up on sunscreen, I don't use too much.  By 'too much' I mean not any.  Marc has the Canadian blood ......I have the South African blood.  The sun means nothing to me.  It's cancerous rays bounce off of me like raisins on an Oldsmobile.    The only bad thing is that I have  a serious farmer tan.   So it's 'shirt's on' at the beach unless I can get rid of it.

Today we did the loop from Clermont to a town called Howey-in-the-hills and then past there for a bit.  There is a pretty nice little German bakery out there with a fantastic patio in the back.  We even met other Ontarians there today.

                                                 A sideways fire hydrant?!?!  Has this world
                                                                   gone topsy-turvy?

Anyways, we did 98kms today.  Most of it was intervals, or tempo.  Lots of hills.  And pretty fast.  the roads are pretty nice out here.  No potholes.  Few cracks, but some sand on the corners.  Not a lot of Redneck F-150 driving hill-billys giving us the finger.  But still a few.  I saw my first Armadillo today, just chilling by the side of the road.  Also lots of turkey vultures.  They are huge.

The pubs are pretty cool as well.  No matter where we go the beer is cheap.  The Stellas and Blue Moons tonight were $3.00 a pint.  Food was also awesome. Kellys Irish Pub!!!!!  Boom!!!!! I never want to leave this place.

Toronto has a pile of snow right now.  It''s really going to suck if I have to get back on the trainer.