Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doctor, I have been drinking 5 glasses of gravy every night just like you ordered!!!

Last night was the first 'real' Mid Week criterium.  Like last weeks race which had 9 of the usual 70+ racers show up it was also raining but wasn't nearly as cold.  I would say that maybe 25 racers showed up. About 1/2 of our team showed up and still we had a bigger presence than any other team.  Unfortunately I got there at the last second with no time to warm up, so I had to use the first 5 laps to get the legs going and get my heart rate under control.  Then the rest was gravy.  I always have the most fun at those races.......I wish they weren't just training races.

                                                     I usually like my Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt
                                           (cuz it says I can be serious, but I also like to party....)

The worst part of racing in the rain isn't that you get soaked.  It's not that the risk of crashing around a corner because either your tire loses traction or the spray impedes your vision.  It's the fact that you have to wash your bike down after that.  After I get home and change I have to go right back out and take my bike to the car wash and clean the whole drive train and get all the crap out of it.  Truth be told, I don't really hate doing it....I just don't want to have to budget that extra time into my evening when I want to be sitting in a tub.  With a bottle of something brewed in Ghent.