Monday, January 17, 2011

Live every week like it's SHARK WEEK! and dress every day like you're going to get murdered in those clothes!

Wow.  What a ride.  I may have to do another one tonight.  I am going to head out to HMV and try to locate a cd I don't have.....  I was listening to one of my favorite tunes on youtube while I was spinning today, and it was like I was riding  on clouds.  Or like I had a hurricane force tailwind.  Or I was on some performance enhancing LSD.Or just ......LSD.  Regardless, that was my best indoor ride ever.  My endorphins are going crazy.  I just ate a fantastic homemade pasta sauce with really strong parm over noodles and chased it all with a Belgian bier.  I sort of feel like I am sitting in a downtown nightclub waiting for the warm fuzz to envelope me as the bass pounds through my chest.
Rides like that are what stick with you , and make you want to continue.  I don't know how many times I get off my bike and feel 10x better than when I got on.  I guess its not just the ride that counts its the effort put in.  Damn this stupid sport and its spandex shorts and shaven legs and $10,000 bikes.  Damn you all to hell!!!!!!
Hold fast
Hold On
Nothing is a dream, yet in
Changing faster
It never seems to be here long
Move On
Turn around
Just can't seem to find it, try and
Reach out
Hold out
I cannot touch the wind
I touch you

Reach out
Hold on
Nothing here is real, yet in
Searching farther
It almost seems to live until it
Moves on
Turns around
Just can't seem to lose it, try and
Hold fast
Hold on
I cannot ride the wind
I ride you

Hold fast
Hold on
Nothing is a dream until you
Wake up
Cry out
Now it isn't real, now you
Hold fast - Nothing is a dream
Hold on - Just can't lose it now
Move on - Turning round and round
Wake up - You cannot ride the wind.

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