Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have told you never to call me after 11:00................or before.

Today seemed like a normal enough day.  Talked with MB in the am.  Had Breakfast with Maximillian, then cleaned up all that he didn't eat.  Took him to day care.  I was later told about how the sport of curling can actually be dangerous.  Who would have thought?  It seems so slow paced.  But I guess when you have on shoes and are sliding around on ice you can wipe out and split your skull open. The stench of burning death is everywhere.  While surfing last night I came across the details of a mass serial killing in the Ukraine a few years a go whereby the killers video taped all the killings and leaked some of them to the net.  They used hammers, screwdrivers , steel pipes, and various tools and knives.  They marvel at their work and then wash the selves off and get back to life.  How screwy is that?  I guess if you want to see these absolutely insane , cruel killings you can search 3  Men 1 Hammer.  Apparently a play on the 2 girls 1 cup Internet sensation.  I have seen the latter, I don't recommend it but I would never watch the former.  Murder just doesn't have the appeal it had when I was 16.  Not that eating poop does it for me either.....I think I watched it out of equal parts mental retardation and bizarre curiosity.  ,

I did all my intervals downstairs today, by lunch as well. Hated it.  I think if you find a time of day to work out that you like.  Stick with it.  Found it really hard to finish my second hard effort.  But the 3:00 nap time was a piece of cake.

Rode the Mid Week crit course as well tonight for 75 minutes.  I rode at a fast pace the whole time.  Evenings really are my preferred time of day.  Met up later with the rest of the team (except Marc and Demetre) for tea/Hot Choc and laughs.  We are going to have smoking teams in both Master 1 and 2.  

Marc and I are racing in Florida in March.  Hoping to lay down the (Canadian) law with our well rested legs, as well as our utmost appreciation for the warm climate,  dwindling American Charter of Rights, and basically their Governmental corruption  as a whole.   Isn't Florida the state that sold George .W his second term? 

Not a lot of salt and crap today to clean up,
and yeah, that's a Merckx print.

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