Thursday, August 25, 2011

That was a disappointment, I must say

Today was my first ride with my new power meter.  I got a Cyclops PowerTap.  It did add about a lb or more to the weight of my bike but I do feel that the winter training will benefit me a lot more now that I can train with a bit more structure and feedback.  The only small problem I encountered was that it doesn't work.  I couldn't get my heart rate or my power output to display.

  Last Tuesday was the penultimate night of racing at the Mid Week Crits.  It seemed like a pretty fast night.  It started out really windy and I foresaw several pile ups but luckily there were none.  I like how Craig the organizer has to remind people not to use their cell phones while warming up or racing.  Like how fucking stupid is that ?  Who needs to even bring their cell to the race , unless maybe they rode there, but then turn it off.  I saw the guy using it a few weeks ago.  Dork.  Anyways..........

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