Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worst sayings ever!

I have to basically take part of this week off from riding as well as this weekend.  I don't have a babysitter and I have my son to myself .  This gives me time to think about other things that aren't  necessarily of the 2 wheel kind.

The worst sayings currently going.  That's what I want to rage about for a minute. I want to break these down a bit and if there are any others that I have missed please make a comment at the bottom.

"Cheers!"  You can say cheers at Xmas dinner.  You can say it at a wedding during  the meal, a waiter could say it to you after handing you your pint of Guinness, and you can say it on a date I suppose but the key to saying cheers is that there is drinking involved.  I hear people say cheers so often as a salutation.  As in 'See you later man, cheers!!!'   Fail!   Don't say it.  It makes you look like you got a discount lobotomy.

"It's all good/no worries."  This is another pair that should really be flushed.  As I hear it, people use it in place of saying 'it's ok', or 'don't worry'.  For some reason I think the phrases originated in Australia.  I think the Crocodile Hunter used to say them, as well as Crocodile Dundee.  It's ok for those dudes to say it because it's colloquial, but not here.  I knew a girl once who went to Australia for a vacation and she came back sounding like a total moron.  When some guy says to me 'no worries man' is he telling me that he has no worries or that I should have no worries?  Because he should worry as I am about to hit him acrosss the head with an escrima stick.

"Good on ya!"  Oh shit, this one is my least favorite saying to hear.  I just want to turn into a raging bull and gore someone to death.  Or better yet grab a trident and just murder the crap out of the person ala Will Ferrell in that Angry Boss skit on SNL.   What the hell is 'Good on ya'?    I think it means good for you, but I'm not sure. Maybe it means there is something good on you, like sunshine, or someone's pet bird, or maybe a nice new shirt. Good for you was a perfectly reasonable saying.  It required no tweaking.  I don't know...... but I do know this- People need to band together and start calling people out when they say 'Good on ya'.  Only thin lipped hookers on 'Thin Lipped Hooker Night" say good on ya.  

Watch this now.....

"My bad!" This quantum anomaly is bad enough that it should be a legal excuse for aggravated assault.  Without a doubt it came from the hip hop , street slang, skateboard sect.  I rarely hear a person over 30yrs ever utter it, but  the few times I have I was brought to nausea and disgust.  "My bad" replaces sorry, my fault.  Or so the user thinks.  Not only have they not issued an admission of fault or an apology, they have succeeded without fail at looking like a 100% douchebag, who wears skinny jeans,  or has a tramp stamp tattoo.  Now I'm no genius.  Far from it.  I can't easily reverse nuclear fusion, or even illegally download music, but the saying of "My bad" is the lowest of the low for people who can actually speak and think.  I take back what I said earlier....... it's waaaaaay worse that saying "good on ya".  My bad, my bad.  Now I'm going to go punch myself in the face repeatedly. 

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