Sunday, August 21, 2011

Total fun kms ridden this Sat/Sun: 200

Thursday I rode from Brampton up to the Hockley General Store and back.  I know I mention it all the time, but that is one hell of a ride.  The best scenery you can ask for and hill after hill.  Even surprise hills that I forget about. Each more surprising than the last.  So close to the city but absolutely no evidence of being close to anything as offensive as a large city.  The store in Hockley has it all.  It's a true general store like I imagine from the good old days.  You can buy beer there, get a meal, or just pick up some groceries or a magazine and nachos and habanero salsa.  They have a great outside sitting area with huge solid pine tables and chairs.  I plan to ride out there though the fall and winter.  

Yesterday I did the Invita group ride form Mississauga to Glen Williams, which is one town south/west of Terra Cotta.  While sitting there at the bakery I enjoyed 2 extra large chocolate chip cookies and a coke.   Some guy comes over and sits with us.  He's riding a Cannondale, and has a strong accent.  As it would happen he is a former pro cyclist and hails from New Zealand.  Told me he raced many of the Spring Classics (not Vlaanderan though....). Even the Tour De Suisse.  His strong accent prevented me from understanding a lot of what he said but what I did get seemed pretty cool.  He was late 50's I would say and in really good shape.  I had to really hammer to catch him on the hill, I'm not even  sure how hard he was going .

Today I met "The Reverend' Jeff Ker downtown and we rode from there out to Stouffville.  Half of the ride, it seems, is just trying to get out of the city.  We held a strong pace, but weren't hammering.  We still needed to be able to talk about the season and the 2012 season as well.  We stopped in town for coffee/smoothies at a new cafe called the Red Bulb.  Awesome smoothies.  The forecast called for rain all morning but we never really got it.  Not enough to even get our shorts wet.  

It appears a good weekend was had by all.

Leprechaun out

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