Monday, May 30, 2011

Taste the silence

Trappist Beer is beer brewed by Trappist Monks, or at least under the direct supervision of Trappist Monks.  There are only 7 Trappist monasteries in the world, 6 in Belgium and 1 in The Netherlands.  All 7 carry the AUTHENTIC TRAPPIST PRODUCT logo and should be considered a world class beer with strict guidelines and standards and a rich history.

I now have tried all 7 of these lovely beverages.  La Trappe being the last one.  If I were Sam  Jackson and this blog were Pulp Fiction I would be saying 'ymmmm, this is a tasty beverage Vincent!!!"   Alas,  I am neither Samuel Jackson nor a beer reviewer.  Far from it.  Hell, I'm not even a blogger.  Well, maybe a shitty blogger.....I guess that's still a blogger.   But anyways, this La Trappe bier is really good.  A couple of the Trappist beers are a little heavy.  Not that they aren't tasty....especially after 2 or 3, but they sit thick and heavy kind of like how Molson Export used to when I was 17.  12 of those bastards and you were hammered , but also too full to move.

This La Trappe tripel is similar to Chimay premiere but really the big difference is that there is almost no aftertaste.  It may be a bit smoother going down but less creamy, but for some reason (could be that I just rode 120 kms solo)  I think I like it better than Chimay.  Maybe less than Orval though, and although I love beer as much as the next guy (who really friggin' loves beer), I always lack the hyperbole to describe something in terms understandable by those who haven't known me for 20-25+ yrs.   In summation I gots to say that La Trappe is one of the better Trappist beers at least to a North American palette,  and if you ever see it at the Liquor store you should grab as many as you can afford.    I can only describe La Trappe as a  winning and tasty amalgamation of Meuse River water, the sweat of 1000 monks, with the carbonation of  a Pop Shoppe veteran all bottled really fancy-like in a corked 750 ml jug.  Me likey!!!!  The only thing I don't understand is their slogan found on the reverse label of the bottle that reads "taste the silence"......What the ?!?!?   Maybe 'taste the sound of getting kicked out of the bar'..........or 'taste the punch in the face'.................or 'taste the pillow as you hit it face first', this beer is 8%, and although that may be a light beer by  Belgian Trappist standards I'm not detecting any  silence.

The other thing I don't get about the La Trappe Tripel...........and it's why some labels have a big T on them and some have a Big D.   I am cool with those 2 initials but why 2 different ones?  I must look into this.

I rode today from Dixie and Bloor St in Mississauga to Rattlesnake point in Milton and then rode the hills around there for an hour , (I only did the Rattlesnake climb twice though) before heading home.  I kept the pace high and stayed in the drops a lot.  Light winds from the north/west, and largely overcast skies.  Although it was very humid and cloudy the sunshine did fall on me.  A good little ride.   I pretended may last name was Blazek and hammered out a fast pace.

Ice Cube will swarm on any motherf#cker in a blue uniform.  

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  1. the T in La Trappe stands for Tripel and the D stands for Dubel.